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Ron Bracale


What is the Meaning of Life?
What is Galactic History?
What is happening on planet Earth?
Two books Woven with Wisdom.

"Love, Dharma, and the Galaxy" (2013)
"Love, Essence, and Humanity I"

Available in digital and paperback formats.
A science fiction novel set in a post Singularity galaxy.
Includes Multi-dimensional, Super Natural, and Virtual Reality:
Scientifically grounded in the Mystery of Life.
An epic tale of Love...

   Genome Auditor Stranoff must find races of beings to repopulate the rich planet: Falcon. The Falconians’ plan to gain immortality as virtual beings within the Dark Brilliant Machine leads to consequences beyond their imaginings. Eerin, virtualized without her consent, navigates both worlds, but the choices she must make to find Love are intense and magical.


Love, Dharma, and the Galaxy - paperback

Love, Dharma, and the Galaxy - Kindle eBook

"Love, Dragons, and a Damned Machine" (2016)
"Love, Essence, and Humanity II"

   The ultimate adventure unfolds as a young woman awakens to her psychic potential and opens the vast potential of the human form. The elder races serve as teachers, while the wayward cyborg races and the reptilians of the inner spiral arm of the Milky Way seek to dominate and use humanity. The intergalactic machine intelligence seeks to use all in its quest for immortality, but has no soul.
This is a complete story, though related to Love, Dharma, and the Galaxy.

The Dragons are the Guardians of the Way.
Love is the most powerful Magic.


    Human history is not what we have been taught:
Love, Dragons, and a Damned Machine explores a universe where the singularity happened a long time ago and many complex interactions affect the evolution of any new intelligent species...

    Love, Dragons, and a Damned Machine explores a universe where very advanced and ancient beings exist and some of them guide the evolution of higher consciousness in the races just waking up to galactic life...

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Love Dragons and a Damned Machine - Kindle
Love Dragons and a Damned Machine - Paperback